Generalist Social Work Practice Methods

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Generalist Social Work Practice Methods has been an informative course and highly addresses a lot of skills that we will use during our social work careers. Through learning different assessment models, identifying different crisis situations, and discussing several different populations that we will work with in the future, I was able to self-reflect on my own personal values and ethics that will allow me to grow as a Social Worker. Within the 7 weeks of this course, completing journals that address the topics that were discussed in class was helpful to reflect on my experiences and identify my strengths, as well as weaknesses, that I can continue to work on to better myself. In the few week of class, we completed an inventory of our attitudes and reflected on the NASW Code of Ethics. Being a social worker, knowing the ethics we follow is something that needs to be aware of at all times. There will be many different situations that we are put in where we question what the right solution is. Having so many gray areas in this field and not always having one right answer, it can be challenging to put our own opinions aside. One thing that was drilled in to our brains during this section was “consult, consult, consult”. When we find ourselves struggling to find the right answer, the best way to figure it out is to talk to co-workers or supervisors to ensure that the client’s needs come first and that our ethical duty is being met. A positive strength that I have as a social
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