Generalization And Maintenance: Lifestyle Changes In Applied Settings By Robert Honor

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Generalization in the Field of Education Generalization is when one takes something they have learned and apply it somewhere else. The concept of generalization can be used in the field of education, especially as a teacher. In the book Generalization and Maintenance: Lifestyle Changes in Applied Settings, Robert Honor indicates that generalization and maintenance is needed to translate instructional gains in life style changes (L & Koegel, 1988). This book focuses on children with disabilities. Honor describes how generalization can really change and impact a young child’s life. My passion is to impact the life of children. I want to be the person that makes a difference in every child’s life. I want to be the person who dedicates my time to meeting the needs of others. I will use the concept of generalization in my classroom making sure that all students take what they learn inside of the classroom, and apply that knowledge anywhere outside of the classroom.…show more content…
Executive functioning skills involves managing life tasks of all types. Executive functioning also deals with information processing which incorporates the way students think and reason. The objective of generalization as a teacher would be to get students to think and reason not only in the classroom, but outside as well. This can be done by differentiation in learning. I will not just teach students the same way all the time. I will create different learning styles that relate to the outside world and connect to my student’s lives. This will prepare my students for when they exit the classroom. Since my field is in early childhood special education, I will first have to find out information about my students such as demographics. This will assist with teaching to connect to student’s lives. I will also have to learn every students needs that way I can focus on ways to improve students
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