Generalizations Made About the Franks by Muslims

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From the time, the Franks arrived in the Holy Land the native inhabitants started making many generalizations about them. Usama and his countryman believed many of these generalizations about the Franks. These generalizations came from stereotypes already held about the Christians. Usama and his countryman were able to build on to these generalizations from their own observations and interactions. “Usama generally indulged in the stereotypes about Franks that were already commonplace in his day – their lack of refinement, their low intelligence, their animal qualities and so on” (Usama, xxiii). Usama illustrates many of the generalizations about the Franks in his stories. How they had courage but were extremely cautious, how they tended to go back on their word, how they have no honor or propriety, are some of the stereotypes expressed through Usamas words. There is also evidence shown that Usama and his countrymen did not have these stereotypes about Franks who had become assimilated. Many of these generalizations came from the interactions the two groups had with each other and influenced by each group not understanding the other. Muslims placed a heavy influence on god; everything is possible by God’s divine will. The Franks also were religious they started out this journey on a holy pilgrimage, but once they conquered the holy land they had to figure out a way to lead while they were the minority. The majority of the generalizations came from each group
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