Generalized Anxiety Disorder ( Gad ) Affects Multiple Areas Of An Individual 's Life

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects multiple areas of an individual’s life. GAD may co-occur with other disorders, impacting an individual’s social, personal, and professional life. GAD and MDD are closely connected to each other, and may co-occur. However, they each have their own distinguishing characteristics (Blanco et al., 2013). Moreover, rumination is considered to be a process of repetitive and negative thoughts (Valenas & Szentagotai, 2014). Likewise a person experiencing rumination will have continuous thoughts regarding their distress; however they find themselves struggling to make any changes (Valenas & Szentagotai, 2014). This article sought to explore the connections between GAD and rumination (Valenas & Szentagotai, 2014 ).
People with GAD may have difficulty with their prospective, dependent upon the situation and the emotions they are experiencing (Fresco et al., 2014). In other words, their emotions may in essence control their responses and affect their ability to be flexible in a situation (Fresco et al., 2014). Likewise, for some individuals with GAD, they may prefer to worry instead of responding to a situation (Fresco et al., 2014). Furthermore, GAD may affect the frequency of nightmares in older adults. Likewise, Individuals diagnosed with GAD reported a higher amount of bad dreams than those without GAD, and the regularity of nightmares was also connected to depression, anxiety, worry, and quality of life (Nadorff et al., 2014).…

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