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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD) is much more than the normal anxiety people experience everyday. It is a chronic condition that is chracterized by excessive worry and anxiety, even though there aren't any reasonable explanations for the cause. It is diagnosed when a person spends a least 6 months worrying excessively about numerous everyday problems. People who suffer from GAD always anticipate the worst. They frequently worry about family, money, work or their health. Just getting through each day provokes anxiety. Individuals with GAD are usually referred to as "Worry Warts". People with GAD can't seem to overcome their constant concerns, even when they realize that…show more content…
They frequently suffer from insomnia and chronic fatigue. Concentration is difficult because they are easily startled and agitated. They remain in a constant state of arousal. People afflicted with GAD don't necessarily avoid particular situations because of their disorder. They are unlike individuals who suffer from more severe types of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder and severe phobias. If the impairment from GAD is mild, they are usually able to work and function in most social events. When the impairment is more severe, it can be debilitating making it almost unbearable to perform simple daily activities. Approximately 4 million Americans suffer from GAD, about 2.8% of the U.S. adult population between the ages of 18-54. GAD usually strikes in childhood or adolescence, but can begin in adulthood.(2) It affects women more often than men. The reason that females have higher rates than males for most anxiety disorders has not been clearly identified. Research suggests that the role of gonadal steroids in women may be a contributing factor for their higher rate of anxiety disorders. Women also experience a wider range of stressful life events as compared to men, who react to a more limited range of stressful life events. Other researchers think GAD may be transferred through genes.(3) Treatments for GAD include

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