Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Generalized Anxiety disorder (GAD) is a disorder consisting of excessive worrying, tension and nervousness. This condition can occur over and over again and if left untreated can lead to suicidal and violent thoughts in the patient. Even though there are certain triggers to the condition, the person eventually becomes so used to worrying and taking stress that they can't control the feeling. These dreadful feelings and excessive thinking eventually overtakes them and leads them into more and more depression. Consequently, the stress and anxiety interferes with the patient's ability to lead a normal life. The major symptoms of this order are motor tension, violence, autonomic hyperactivity, apprehension, and vigilance. GAD has been defined as a state of worry and anxiety that lasts for at least six months and is accompanied by any of the associative symptoms. Associative symptoms included irritability, insomnia, and fatigability. The case of Natalie Jones is a classic case of generalized anxiety disorder as she demonstrates symptoms like apprehension, irritability and violence. Natalia spent a rough childhood and saw her parents go through many marriage problems as well. Due to her husband's drinking problem, Natalie's is also experiencing similar issues. It is possible that the problems once saw her parents go through has set a dire precedent before her. The precedent therefore subconsciously affects Natalie and adds on to her worry. Due to
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