Generalized Anxiety In Children

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All children experience some type of anxiety. For example, when a child is left alone at preschool for the first time, many children will show distress. Another example could be when a child has his or her own room, this could develop a fear of the dark. Now normally these aren’t problems but, such anxiety could become a problem when it interrupts a child’s normal activities, like attending school and making friends or sleeping. Persistent or intense anxiety that disrupts daily routine is a mental health problem that requires attention.

There are many types of anxiety, the most common kinds developed in children are Generalized Anxiety, which is when a child has recurring fears and worries that they find difficult to control. They worry about almost everything. They may be restless, irritable, tense, or easily tired, and they may have trouble concentrating or sleeping. There’s also Separation Anxiety, where children intense anxiety about being away from home or caregivers that affects their ability to function socially and in school. These children have a great need to stay at home or be close to their parents. Children with this disorder may worry
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This made me interested as to why this happens even at such a young age. I hope to learn the development of anxiety in children of all ages and what helps different people overcome or feel better about their mental disorder. I know that when identifying, diagnosing and treating anxiety disorders early, parents can help children reach their full potential. I’m aware that Anxiety disorders are treatable. But for me we didn’t start treating my anxiety until I was fifteen. So with that being said I’d like to know how they are treated besides medication and how effective those treatments normally
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