Generating High Revenue in an Organization

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Executive Summary
An organizations main objective would be to generate high revenue and maximize profits. To generate this high revenue, it would be the employees who would be working hard strategically and showing high performances to drive the organization towards achieving that goal. High performance could be achieved only by well-motivated people who are prepared to exercise an extra effort. Even in fairly basic roles, there is some level of motivation involved.
In a research by Hunter et al (1990), it was found that the difference in value added discretionary performance between ‘superior’ and ‘standard’ performers was 19 percent. For highly complex jobs it was 48 per cent. (Armstrong and Armstrong, 2009)
To motivate people it is necessary to understand the types of motivation and how it works with each skill level of people. The videos and statements by Daniel Pink, Professor Jim Collins and Kathy Schofield taken in this context give an in-depth insight into the importance motivation and self motivating environment.

2. Analysis of the videos and the statements

• Drive –Daniel Pink
Daniel Pink is the author of five popular books which focus on the changing workplace. In Dan Pink’s video about the drive he critically analyses the traditional thinking where it is believed that more reward gives better performance, whereas when you punish something you get lesser of that. It was found out through two experiments that only for simple and mechanical tasks,…
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