Generating Organizational Creativity With Four Critical Traits

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Generating Organizational Creativity with Four Critical Traits Organizational creativity is when employees develop novel ideas as a whole or as an individual (Greenberg 2015). Whereas, innovation is when novel ideas are implemented within the organization successfully by either improving something already established or introducing something contemporary (Greenberg 2015; Ferlic 2008). However, business analysts that rank companies from most to least creative tend to omit the criteria they use to determine what makes an organization innovative (Choudhary, 2014; Ferlic, 2008). Furthermore, the gap in academic research in determining what critical traits are needed to encourage and enhance organizational creativity gives us reason to examine these critical traits (Choudhary, 2014; Goudreau, 2013; Greenberg 2015). In this paper, I will first introduce and analyze Choudhary’s (2014) findings on the four critical traits of innovative organization. Along the way, I will show that these traits alone are not adequate enough to garner organizational creativity because it is too dynamic of a concept to be established with only “four critical traits”. To conclude, I will argue that organizational creativity is a multifaceted term encompassing other concepts particularly, innovation, culture, leadership, and motivation (Goudreau, 2013; Greenberg 2015). Due to the lack of academic data on this subject, the study analyzed “Fast Company’s Top 50 Most Innovative List” rankings from 2009
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