Generation Differences In The Workplace

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Not only am I a member of generation "Y" but I am also a part of the working class so I tend to work with all three generations daily. Though we all work harmoniously together now, that was not the case in the very beginning when my bosses decided to make some pretty monumental changes. When I began working there, I was only fifteen years old. I was working for a manager who was a part of generation "X" and we very often did not see eye to eye because of the way we were both raised to work. When the owners (who are baby boomers), asked me what I thought could be changed or heightened, my manager. at the time was not quick to jump on board. Being a part of generation "Y", I am a worker who always wants to succeed and climb higher in ranks, which was something that my manager was not used to.…show more content…
My ambition to do better and to always gain more revenue for my business was what the owners said stood out to them. We have then since hired, not only tech savvy individuals to run our online appointments and phone calls, but we have also hired more generation "Y" and "X" workers equally. The one difference I see between these two generations is that Generation "X" is more accustomed to working and communicating face to face than those of generation "Y". Another difference is that generation "Y", to me, are faster at adjusting. This generation of workers have been taught their entire lives that they have to succeed and they have to do better than the next person or they will not make money. This type of learning has caused them, in my opinion to become money hungry and power hungry. In the article "Bridging the IT Generation Gap", it states "Waiting for a promotion or choice assignment feels like purgatory to many millennials" (Cone, 4). This supports my claim that the members of generation "Y" are always searching to gain better positions, they are power
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