Generation Differences Of Work Motivation : Developed And Developing Countries Perspectives

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Generation differences in work motivation: Developed and developing countries perspectives Mohamed A. Khenifer California State University, Los Angeles Masters of Healthcare Management MGMT 574 Author Note This is a draft for the work Abstract Employees’ motivation became an important topic for today’s business. Each organization is looking for the best way to motivate its employees in order to achieve higher performance and profitability. Since the development of the business world presence of more than one age group in the same organization, generation differences in motivation start to appear. The workplace generation different characteristics start to appear in work ethics and values, definition of work, leadership style, communication tools, and methods of rewarding. Generations differences are not confide to the U.S only but could be found in other countries ranging from developed countries to developing countries. Each community or country has its own cultural characteristics and different periods of transition. Motivation methods and tools could differ from one country to another. This paper is discussing the different motivational methods and theories, generations’ characteristics, methods of managing mutigenerational workgroups, and reduction of the effect of conflicts that could be present. Moreover, discussion about the multi-generational motivation methods in developing countries will be included. Keywords: Motivation, Generations differences, Workplace
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