Generation Gap Problems

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“My dear daughter, I do not know why you rarely talk your life to me since you became a senior high school student. If I made some mistakes, please let me know. I hope everything goes back like before”. These words come from a letter which was written by a mother to her 14-year-old daughter. What made the mother so frustrated and use such a sincere mood to talk to her daughter is the generation gap. The meaning of this word, generation gap, is the differences of viewpoints and the perceived psychological distance between the younger generation and the older generation in hobbies, habits, values, world view, and attitudes toward lives. In childhood, little girls like to imitate mothers’ behaviors, making up their faces with mothers’ cosmetics and dressing themselves with high heel shoes. Littles boys are more willing to play footballs or video games with their fathers, and the great majority of them admire their fathers most. However, as children grow older, parents have gradually felt it becomes harder to get along well with their kids because not only could not parents understand the children’s minds, but also their ideas are difficult to be accepted by children. As a result, problems caused by generation gap bursts, and it has a profound impact on both parents and children. To dope out a solution to this problem should consider these two questions: what causes the phenomenon and how it affects the relationships between children and parents. Some families and schools start
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