Generation Gummy Bear : An Experimental Lab

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Generation Gummy Bear:
An Experimental Lab in Gummy Bear Breeding
Katherine Valcin, CST
Keiser University
October 10, 2015

Authors Note:
This paper was prepared by Katherine Valcin for Biology 1, taught by Dr. Frank Sommerhage at Keiser University.
This research is supported by materials from Dr. Sommerhage in affiliation with Keiser University. Special thanks to Mr. Kenney from his help in preparation for the scientific article.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Katherine Valcin, Keiser University Biomedical Sciences Student, 5600 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32807. Email:


Genetics is a captivating but difficult subject for students. Lab experiments like ‘Gummy Bear Genetics’ can aid in needed areas of genetics. Student can often observe the phenotypes in gummy bears, but when trying to visualize which parental genes that are represented in a cross-bred first (F1) generation can be challenging. In this experiment, students worked in small groups to determine the parental (P) generations of 196 gummy bears. The gummy bear candy appealed to student appetites and the chosen phenotypic characteristic were easy to choose because gummy bears come in numerous colors (red, green, orange, yellow and colorless). Students will be able to establish which genetic information, including genotype, phenotype, dominant traits, and recessive traits, were passed from the P generation to the F1 generation

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