Generation Is The Dumbest Generation

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According to Mark Bauerlein, who wrote The Dumbest Generation, Millennials know absolutely nothing and aren’t capable of being intelligent. He continues to think it is the dumbest generation and supports it with sloppy evidence. Throughout the years, people, particularly older “wise” people, have declared that the generation today is the dumbest of them all and the reason for this is due to the fact that technology is a huge part of the generation and this generation simply has it easier which is considered bad in their eyes. A generalization like this ruins the confidence of the majority of the generation. Of course there is always going to be some bad apples in the batch, but all of them? Absolutely not. Generation Y is not dumb and is maybe even smarter than the last. It is one of the most innovative and independent generations.
This generation isn’t as dumb as Generation X thinks. In fact, it isn’t dumb at all but it is rather smart. It’s actually quite smart that the generation finds other ways to express or find answers in today's world. They also write much more and complex than young people in the 20th century. Meaning that they don’t just simply do or say something, they think outside the box and find different ways to deliver what they want to do or say. According to Andrea Lunsford, a Stanford professor, “Young people today write far more than any generation before them. That’s because so much socializing takes place online, and it almost always involves
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