'Generation Me' by Jean Twenge: A Reflective Response

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The phenomenon that Twenge sought to explore in detail was how the Generation Y became the "Entitlement Generation" or, as she eventually coined the term, the "Generation Me." From the title itself, she described the Generation Me as a group of individuals who are "confident, assertive, entitled" but "miserable." Indeed, the book's thesis highlights how the youth of Generation Me are highly individualist and primarily centers on the "self." As in the words of Twenge, ""¦GenMe doesn't just question authority we disrespect it entirely" (28). This statement ultimately sums up the GenMe's attitude and viewpoint about respecting institutions, traditions, beliefs and values that held previous generations and societies together.
The book's argument throughout reflects these general yet substantive statements about the GenMe and its culture of self-centeredness. However, this attitude was also a result of generations of 'improving' the quality of life for the previous generation's children (who became part of the GenMe culture). Even Twenge acknowledged the role that history played in the development of GenMe, as she recalled that in the 1980s, society had deliberately sought to "increase…
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