Generation Next and Lifetime Goals

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Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals. Generation Next As my eighth birthday was approaching, I knew exactly what I wanted: A personal computer. I didn’t know nearly all of the functionality of such an apparatus at the time; in fact, my young mind probably thought of scribbling rabbits on Microsoft Paint as its primary reason for existence. As I grew up, I figured out the elusive device was not only analogous with entertainment, but it somehow also served to assist my parents at their jobs. To the juvenile version of me, this was fascinating - somehow, I wanted to traverse the vistas of possibilities that this technology offered. Even today, as I alternate between Skype calls and schoolwork on my laptop, I am still beguiled by the capabilities of computers. If technology could be this awe-inspiring, why couldn’t even I learn about its uses and utilize it for the benefit of the greater good? I knew from day one that I wanted to help people, but being able to culminate this desire with my own curiosity of the potential of computer science has influenced my academic choices and will continue to do so when I attend college. As I walked into my Web Technology class eager to build on my rudimentary knowledge of computers and coding, I was sorely disappointed as the class seemed to be a bird course to most of the students and the teacher decided to treat it as such. Rather
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