Generation X, Popularly Known As “Millennials” By Americans

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Generation X, popularly known as “Millennials” by Americans and the internet culture are undoubtedly the scapegoats for the 21st centuries’ niche social problems. Web bloggers have declared Millennials the sole reason for having ruined such complex social issues such as marriage, and the idea of the American dream, to other, not so convoluted problems like the falling sales of bar soap and the increase sales of tree killing novels. However, these bloggers have yet to blame this generation for seemingly their largest offence yet, something that could well, and truly, effect all of mankind throughout the digital age; internet privacy. Having not lived in a time with any devices to put their private information into, most millennials see the…show more content…
When millennials are accused of failing to legitimize privacy on the internet, the accusers, who are sometimes millennials themselves, forget the home field advantage they have grown up in. One such example of that is social media, which has expanded to widened use across all generational gaps, making an ideal control group. A similar report to that of the Media Insight Project by the Pew Research Center gathered statistical evidence comparing how millennials, and older generations censor themselves while on social media platforms. The study showed that the age group 18 to 29 are more likely to limit personal data available online, change privacy settings, delete unwanted comments, and remove their names from photos, all in the name of internet privacy (Madden/Smith 1). This is still rather contradictory. How can many young millennials take steps to hide themselves when only a small majority actually worry most about the issue? It could be possible the majority fears something else. Instead of individuals hiding information from a larger, more powerful, and unknown entity, a noticeable shift has begun where we now only attempt to hide from each other. Looking back on the research made by the Media Insight Project, the number one thing feared by millennials is identify theft, whereas government surveillance is a low sixth on the

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