Generation Q Friedman

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Azat Abdyrakhmanov
Comparative Analysis Paper
Patricia Silvestro
Date due: 04/07/11

Many people believe that previous generation of Americans was completely different than the generation that lives now days. Ideology and interests have completely changed. For instance, we all know that previous generation cared a lot for peace in the world, human rights and equality of mankind. Martin Luther King, John. F. Kennedy and Malcolm X are people who fought for equality among people and most famous representatives of Generation X. But compared to the previous generation, my generation is completely different, and many people are having a debate whether it’s good or bad. Thomas Friedman in his essay “Generation Q”
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It’s for all these reasons why the author calls them “Generation Q” - the Quite Americans. Moreover, Friedman tries to analyze and understand why current generation is so quiet and why they are quietly pursuing their idealism. In his opinion, more and more people of Generation Q spend time online, hiding behind computer screens and trying not to be social. There are no big and old crusades like back in days. Instead of going to Washington D.C. and be against the Iraq war, the generation Q writes comments in Internet, as a result, spends more and more time online. The writer believes that generation Q must be doing itself a favor, and America a favor, if it demanded answers and results from candidates to many issues the “Greediest Generation” is leaving them, specifically, huge budget deficit, climate change and Social Security reform. And the author concludes the essay by saying that Generation Q does not have enough courage to handle all those problems the previous generation is leaving them. A week after the release of “Generation Q”, Rob Fishman, Cornell University graduate, shares his opinion on Generation Q. In his essay, “Generation of Generation Q” Fishman underlines the fact that our generation is complacent and there are excuses for it (73). Technology had had a distinctively effect by encouraging us to look inward. In sports, for example, technology had had
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