Generation Y or the Millenials

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Generation Y or the Millennials are the terms used to refer to the individuals who were born between early 1980s to early 2000s. The term Generation Y was coined from the fact that the generation preceding the Millennials was known as Generation X. This group comprises the largest number of people entering the workforce in the contemporary world. This generation has some of the characteristics that were not exhibited by most previous generations that include being soft, family centered, achievement oriented, team oriented, requiring attention, and tech savvies. However, to understand these characteristics, it would be of great importance to explain why the members of Generation Y have these characteristics. These individuals are tech savvies because they were born in the wake of the Internet and the age of rapid technological advancement. They have grown up surrounded by smart phones tablets, laptops and other technologically advanced devices that enhance their connectivity. This group knows best to socialize using the technological gadgets such as the mobile phones and in constant application of the Internet; the social websites, to be specific. Technology is an integral part of Generation Y’s lifestyles, as they prefer fast communication as opposed to other traditional ways of communicating. As such, this group is attracted by the organizations whose main agenda incorporates technology. This implies that the traditional companies are not attractive to this generation
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