Generation and Evaluation of Options

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Chapter 5 5.0 GENERATION AND EVALUATION OF OPTIONS 5.1 Introduction This chapter gives a summary of deductions from the data analysis in the previous chapter. It also enumerates the various options necessary to develop an effective e-banking awareness strategy to enhance service delivery in GT Bank plc and the cost implication. For continuous existence in business, the bank must improve on its service delivery to guarantee customer’s stay in the bank by developing effective e-banking services 5.2 Summary In view of the deductions from the findings in chapter 4, it can be seen that even though most customer are aware of the e-banking channels they do not have confidence in the channels. Based on our theoretical framework from SERVQUAL model five dimensions analysis covered E- service quality dimensions such as tangibility, reliability, empathy, customization, security and responsiveness, the questionnaire covered the four online service quality dimensions can be used to measure service delivery in e-banking. Under tangibles, the respondents said the enlightenment campaign has been carried out by the bank. Most of the respondents do not feel the e-banking channels are reliable. For responsiveness, the respondents do not feel the bank responds promptly to their request/ queries and they also do not believe that the bank empathizes with them. The bank thus needs to focus on improving on services on its e-channels so as to enable customers build confidence on the e channel
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