Generational Differences: Generation X and Generation Y

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The hottest topic of conversation is between two generations is superiority. The Generation X argues that Generation Y is getting everything in their plate without having to work for it. The millenials counter that by saying that technological know how is the need of the day and nobody survives bereft of that. This is what the older generations lacks and finds it difficult to cope with the times. Hence the millenials consider themselves better. But is this argument really valid? Are the criteria used equally applicable? After the interview with my friend and my uncle, I decided that my friend has a better opinion about the generational differences. Generation Y- also “called Millennials” refers to people born approximately between the 1980’s -2000. The striking behavior patterns we see among them are one being “group oriented”. They are more comfortable acting in groups. Facebook is just one of many examples, which being an integral part of their lives. Typically they have also been more subjected to group activities since childhood, often parents or teachers engaging them in-group activities. Parents and the current teaching system are responsible for their obsession with group activities. They are also highly optimistic about everything, and positive in their outlook. Though we know that they are also vulnerable to stress. They are really passionate about everything they do, regardless of the outcome. They like to participate in activities like fighting for a cause,
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