Generational Diversity Groups : A Generational Group Essay

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There are four generational diversity groups. In this paper I will discuss the four groups, including each group’s name, timeframe, and the characteristics of each group. Then, I will discuss the group in which I belong and the characteristics of the group that I possess. Lastly, I will choose a different group than my own and describe how each group can learn from the other. Overview of Four Generations There are four generational groups. The first I will discuss is the Veterans (1925-1945). Nurses from this generation lived during and through world wars. Due to incentives given by the government these nurses continued to work past retirement age. Veterans have many characteristics which include being disciplined and they put a value on teamwork. They are also loyal and have a respect for hard work as well as a respect for authority. Often Veterans work in management positions (Andrews & Boyle, 2012). Baby Boomers (1946-1964) is the second generational group. This group has a sense of entitlement. They experienced economic prosperity as they were growing up and had the motto “Living to work”. Baby Boomers are competitive and strong willed. They want recognition for their achievements and enjoy things such as pay raises and work incentives as signs of recognition. Baby Boomers believe their personal fulfillment is in relation to their work. They put their worth based on outside opinions of them (Andrews & Boyle, 2012). Generation X (1965-1980) is the third generational
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