Generational Diversity Of Millennials

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The graph above represents the age and generational differences between the members of our work group from Cocoa Dolce resulting in every one of our five team members: Haley, Calli, Bekah, Lisa, Tim being a millennial with an age range from 22-31 years old. Generational diversity describes the mix of people who were born within a certain time period, which impacts their world views and work ethic. Those from the same generation tend to share similar core values, attitudes, and views on historical culture. During this course with Dr. Hackett we have learned that there are 4 different generational sections being “Traditionalist”, “Boomers”, “Generation X”, and “Millennials”. A Traditionalist is defined as a person born between the years of 1925-1944.…show more content…
Millennials today are very skilled at multi-tasking and entrepreneurship. Millennials put travel as a top priority in their accomplishments and emphasize a nontraditional religious view with many blended families. Millennials hold a strong sense of self determination, confidence, and are quick thinkers. In our case where the entire group is of the Millennial generation there are easily some conflicts that can arise and effect productivity within the workplace. In order for millennials to work well with other millennials there will need to be efficient and almost constant communication to stay up to date with quick changing ideas and new information. Millennials are very tech savvy so it is best if they use different forms of technology to communicate among each other such as social media, text, and emails. A positive attribute of having a team all from within the same generation is they, for the most part, know how to use the same technology and there are hardly any communication gaps between group members which is commonly seen in groups with member with large age gaps who might not able to be reached and communicate as…show more content…
Young people today value travel, fun, and diverse experience in their lives and perform best when this is incorporated into their work life as well as personal. Celebrating success often will bring the team together and further motivate the group as a whole while acknowledging accomplishments within the groups. At Cocoa Dolce our work group will meet up after work for outside celebrations following their busy holiday season as well as early holiday parties, and regular birthday celebrations which helps ease the stress brought on during the week. In conclusion our work team at Cocoa Dolce has not had any immediate conflict when it comes to generational diversity. Even though it is preferred for a work team to contain wider diversity within the team members we believe it is to our teams benefit to have all members come from the same generation. We believe this cuts out the larger issues and stress that comes from having larger age gaps between co-workers. As the company continues to grow and expand it will be interesting to observe how entering generations affect and change the current work
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