Generational Gaps

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Organizational behavior is the study of understanding individual behavior and group dynamics in an organization (Nelson, 2013). With such a diverse workforce including multiple generations and different ethnic groups, a one-size-fits-all management approach is improbable to achieve success in today’s workplace. Our text relates: “First, managers need to know how to motivate diverse work groups. Second, managers need to know how to communicate with employees who have different values and language skills” (Nelson, 2013, p.47). Baby Boomers are motivated by a strong work value system; the concept of working long hours, sacrificing family time (mostly fathers), and climbing the corporate ladder defines them. Often described as workaholics, boomers “work long hours to establish self-worth, identity and fulfillment” (Allen, 2013). A “live-to-work” mentality is their motto (Nelson, 2013). Generation Y or “Millennials” seek value through contribution, and teamwork. Often driving by autonomy, this generation understands the 24/7 work environment, so they are resistant to rigid traditional office hours and time behind a desk. “Millennials are focused on making meaning, not just making money” (Asghar, 2014). A “work-to-live” mentality is their motto (Nelson, 2013). In the video presentation, five similarities of Boomers and Millennials are presented: odyssey, flexibility, meaning/purpose/challenge, diversity, and altruism (HBR IdeaCast, 2009). New experiences and
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