Generational Perspectives On Social Change Essay

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Essay #1: Generational Perspectives on Social Change According to Garth Massey, in his book: “Ways of Social Change”, the study of generation is most often times utilized to better the understanding of social change (Massey 62). Therefore, in this essay, for the purposes of understanding social change(s), I will be interviewing two of my co-workers: One of which is a Baby Boomer, while the other is from the more recent generation known as Millennial. For myself, I will be representing Generation X. Garth Massey writes in his book that Duane Alwin and Ryan McCammon define the term generations as: “groups of people who share a distinctive culture and/ or a self-conscious identity by virtue of their having experienced the same historical events at roughly the same time in their lives” (Massey 63). My interviews with people from different generations will illustrate and provide validity to their definition of “generations”. With myself included, three people from three different generations, all with unique perspectives, from all of which I will use to illustrate how different people from different generations view and understand the concept of social change. My first interviewee’s name is Dan Shaffer, he was born between the years 1946 and 1964, making him a Baby Boomer. Dan Shaffer currently is working as an Adult Reference Librarian for one of top twenty biggest library systems in the country; the best part of his job he says is providing informational services to
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