Generations And The Gaps In-Between

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Generation's and The Gaps In-Between In our present day lives many might not think about different generations, let alone how it affect them and the world they live in today. But even today people from many different generations live their lives day to day like everyone else. The world in a sense* is a generational salad bowl, mixed with people of all generations living together. Many might never notice they are living in a generational salad bowl, that is until they talk to someone who was born in a different generation them as each generation has specific views and opinions that differ from each other. Then they would see how the generational gap plays a part in society today. The generational gap in the world is vital to a global balance. The generation's and the gaps in-between them help to keep a balance throughout humanity that way no one generation is* supreme or in the majority *over the other. Also,* those from different generations can change their views and opinions based on other generations that tend to appease to them. Thus providing a way for everyone from every generation to be able to have a say on what is happening in present day society, without one generation being above another. The generation gap can clearly be seen by many different things such as* language, work environment, interests, opinions, and fashion. Throughout generations naturally as time goes on everything that could be found at the time in that generation becomes dated, and the
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