Generations: Baby Boomers

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As students, freshmen come into high school knowing that they are hated by every upperclassmen in the school, with the exception of some friends and possibly family. The freshmen don’t understand why they are disliked, and most of the upperclassmen can’t tell you why they despise the freshmen, except for some unproved responses such as: “They’re annoying”, or “They’re so immature”. This sequence occurs every year. As the freshmen turn into upperclassmen, they too develop a hate for the incoming freshmen. This relationship is common on a larger scale as well; older generations view the younger generations as annoying, dumb, and immature. Dealing with three generations today, we have the omniscient Baby Boomers (1946-1964), impious…show more content…
Why should Millennials be ridiculed with the feeling of entitlement towards their career? They have spent their entire lives building a strong foundation for this specialized career that is intended to make them both successful and happy. It’s not a dumb move either, to find a elite job and enjoy it is a very strategic idea in order to create the lives Millennials intend to carry out. Millennials are being raised in an economic recession similar to that of the Depression era. They have the same mentality to work hard and save money, unlike the spendthrift Generation X (Wright). Millennials are bringing a new work mentality, rather than working to make a living and being unhappy they are choosing a career that they love and adjusting it to make it enjoyable and be productive at the same time (Freisse). Probably the biggest, most important factor is that with this new attitude of Millennials, work is going to be evaluated by performance not attendance (Jowett). This is going to increase productivity and weed out those who are not working hard. Today’s generation, Millennials, isn’t a bunch of sensitive, can’t do it, dummy’s like is believed. But an intelligent, hard working, compassionate group of people. One of the biggest things criticized about this generation is how sensitive they are. “The most sensitive, and coddled generation” (Cuffin). First people claim we seek recognition for the dumbest thing, such as, getting rewarded for good grades when they should be
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