Generic Model Of Consultation And Collaboration

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This research paper examines the generic model of consultation and collaboration. The generic model provides a great framework for consultation and collaboration .Consultation is a type of helping relationship in which a human service professional (consultant) delivers assistance to another person which is the consultee to solve a work related or caretaking related- problem the consultee has with the client system (Dougherty, 2014) Collaboration is very similar to consultation in that it follows the same problem solving process. Collaboration service provided by a professional in which there is a shared responsibility for the outcome of the problem solving process which will include participation in interventions. (Dougherty, 2014) Putting the Generic Model into Practice you will need to give equal attention to what you are doing and how you are going about doing it .It also is very important to get supervised practice in consultation and implement in a collaborative manner whenever you have the opportunity.You must also consider the cultural issues that take place in the phase of Multicultural Competence when using the Generic Model it is key to the effective implementation that the generic model has adapted with cultural competence. Consultants need to be sensitive toward the different cultures in the client system.
Stage one of the generic model is called the entry stage. This is one of the most important stages because it lays the foundation to the beginning of what we…
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