Generic Plans for Healthcare Reform

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1. There are four generic plans for health care reform discussed in the text. The Canadian system is discussed, along with the German system, the British system and the American one. The current health care reform, the Affordable Care Act, is significantly different from either of the three other systems, but also represents a significant departure from prior American practice as well. The ACA features a mandate that each person must have health insurance. There are provisions to make it easier for companies to provide this, and for individuals to have insurance subsidized by the government. The plan also includes a number of reforms to Medicare and Medicaid to cut the cost of those programs, theoretically to pay for the ACA. The individual mandate is a contentious part of the program, but is essential because one of the objectives of the act is to provide health care for all Americans (White, 2013). In comparison, the Canadian system features mandatory insurance, but this is purchased from the government rather than from private insurance companies. The coverage under this insurance is standardized across provinces and is guaranteed to all. The British system is similar, but without the insurance component since most funding comes from general taxation. The German system is something of a hybrid in that there are private insurance companies. There is mandatory insurance and private insurance, with the system being a total of 77% government-funded. The
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