Generic Strategy For Competitive Advantage

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UMUC Haircut Case Study-Stage 2
Fernando Ares
Professor Nicholas Brownheim
University of Maryland University College
March 17, 2016

I. Introduction
Generic Strategy for Competitive Advantage: Cost Leadership Strategy
Business Process to Be Improved: Customer and Employee Scheduling
II. Table of IT Requirements IT Requirement Importance/
Low, or
Not Applicable (N/A) Explanation for Ranking
(Write a minimum of 3 good sentences for each; both the process to be improved and the case study should be mentioned in each explanation; the data used in the process should be included in the explanation where applicable.)
1 Usability Medium Customers will be using this system; therefore, it needs to be improved in order to allow the system to be more user-friendly for the customer. Having a complex system will deter customers. It must have an easy login and password retrieval for the customer.
2 Maintainability Low Normally, system maintenance is conducted by the company who owns the software and will send out updates and conduct maintenance as needed. If the software is easy to learn then less maintenance is required by the organization that purchased the software. Any user of the system will be able to make the necessary updates for the system.
3 Scalability Medium Software must be able to meet the potential that UMUC haircuts are capable. Myra needs to communicate the expectation of the future workload of the company to ensure the software…
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