Genesis 12:10-20 and the Modern World

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Genesis 12:10-20 and the Modern World: Genesis 12:10-20 is a text about Abram and Sarai in Egypt that is considered as one of the great epos narrated in the book of Genesis. Before the narration of this story, Abram is portrayed as an individual with several positive attributes including righteousness and humility. However, the story highlights several troubling concerns and questions regarding Abram’s character, beliefs, and behaviors in relation to God and Sarai. These troubling questions and concerns have become the subject of interest and study throughout the ages. Actually, the concerns have been examined in various commentaries, adaptations and interpretations, and plot extensions. The story has mainly been examined from two schools of thought starting with a description of Sarai’s beauty, attractiveness, and sexuality from the male perspective . The second school of thought is typical expressions of male sexual discourse in light of Abram’s disturbing behavior. Therefore, Genesis 12:10-20 is a good story that applies to the contemporary world and can be taught in different ways to different age/interest groups. Overview of the Text: The beginning of the text shows that Abram’s decision to go down to Egypt and live there for a while was influenced by the severe famine in the land. However, while on the border of Egypt, Abram started to contemplate the dangers that lay ahead. Actually, it seems Abram made the decision to go down to Egypt without consideration
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