Genesis 32 : 22-32, Jacob Wrestles With God

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The passage I chose for this FOCUS bible study is Genesis 32:22–32, Jacob Wrestles With God. Being that it is a relatively popular story, I’ve heard it many times before and have always found it very intriguing. From the first time I read it I had an overwhelming sense that what went on there was monumental in several different ways. I used the New International Version while studying this particular excerpt from scripture and the significance and importance placed on this one incident is enough to make me think there’s more to it than first meets the eye. Step One: Find What’s There The story told in Genesis 32:22–32 is an important turning point in the life of Jacob, coming right before he faces his brother, Esau, for the first time in many years. He experiences what it is like to wrestle with God and fully surrender his life to Him. He goes through this change, not only in name but also in character. The purpose of this account then, is to document Jacob’s unique encounter with the Lord and what comes from it. While reading the passage, I took note of both my observations and the numerous questions I had of the text (attached at the end of this paper), which allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and led to several interesting revelations. I noticed first that Jacob sends everyone on ahead of him. He needed some time alone to pray and to prepare himself for seeing his brother again. But God also needed Jacob alone so that He had Jacob’s full attention. If he was

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