Genesis Chapter 15 : God 's Covenant Of A Son And Land

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Genesis Chapter 15 is God’s covenant of a son and land to Abram’s people as a reward for Abram’s faithfulness. These promises are fulfilled in the later chapters of Genesis and in Exodus. The book of Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament in the Bible, written to the people of Israel. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew; “Genesis” in Hebrew is translated as “in the beginning.” Within the book of Genesis, the journeys of God’s creations are explained. The chapters leading up to Genesis 15 tell of Abram’s success in the war against the King of Elam, and his refusal of his share of the treasures from the King of Sodom. In Genesis 15, God appeared to Abram and told him he would receive a “great reward” because of his faithfulness and his demonstration that he was a true believer. Abram expressed to God his frustration of not have an heir, other than a servant, to pass his rewards to. Up until this point, Abram had received vague promises of children and land from God, but even after being married to Sarai for several years, they still had no children. Not having children in that time was thought of as a type of curse, while having children was thought of as a blessing.
God promised Abram and Sarai they would have children that were of his “own flesh and blood,” and that he would receive the land of Canaan. God helped Abram to imagine this by telling Abram to “look at the sky and count the stars,” expressing that was how many descendants Abram
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