Genesis Essay

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There are two main character in this chapter God and Abram. I believe that the setting of this chapter is in the Promise Land. I believe this because he says that this is the land that the Israelites will get when they are released from bondage. From what I know there is the Promise Land that they receive after several hundred years of waiting. Most of this chapter is about God's covenant with Abram and how it is going to be fulfilled and how it has started to get to the point of fulfillment. Here, God test; the faith of Abram and asks his to perform a sacrifice. Verse 1 begins with "After these things..." This shows that some time has passed since the last chapter. "These things" could mean what has happened in the previous…show more content…
I verse 2-3, Abram asks the Lord what he (the Lord) wants from him since he does not have any children. He mentions a man by the name of Eliezer of Damascus. This is the person he says that will inherit his estate if he shall die. Who is this guy? Where did he come from I mean how is he involved with Abram? From what I read in the notes of my bible (NIV) they say that this man could be the servant of Abram. The servants of the owners can be the people that inherit the land of their owners if the owner was to die. During my reading I never found out where he was from but I seen that he was also kind of mentioned in Exodus 4:20. In verse 4-5 the Lord tells Abram that he will have children to take over the land that he has. God has not given Abram everything that he has promised right on the spot he wants to make sure that Abram has faith in him but he will fulfill his promises just as he said. God tells Abram to count all the stars in the sky there are millions of them when he looks up. I believe is saying that we are all decedents or children that Abram would have. Thus he will make a great nation and have children. Here Abram repeats the idea of his servant getting the land. This could be because he wants God to know he wants a child and that God has not given him any like he (God) had promised. In verse 6, there is no talking between Abram and
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