Essay on Genesis: The Creation Week

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GENESIS: the creation week Introduction • This presentation is about the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Its main purpose will be to educate you, the audience on hermeneutics, the literal and contextual interpretations of the creation story, as well as the history, author, date and importance of the book of Genesis. • Throughout history, people have asked the ultimate question 'Where did it all begin?' For the majority of fundamentalist Christians, the belief is that the beginning of all life itself came from the supreme power of the Almighty Lord God. This point of view appears in the Bible, but can this be taken in a completely literal sense? Did one God create it all? Through examination of the literal and contextual meanings…show more content…
In the image of god he created man and woman. Male and female created he them' On the seventh day God decided ‘The heavens and the earth were finished and filled with life' and ‘god rested from his work and all that he had made' Each day interpretation On the first day God creates the foundation on which the rest of the earth and surrounding universe is built. This begins with his command ‘let there be light'. He then goes on to separate the light from the darkness, naming them night and day. On the second day God creates the sky, which is described as separating ‘the waters above from the waters below' and the sky is named heaven On the third day god creates the land and the sea through the command to the water ‘be gathered together in one place and let the dry land appear'. Next he creates the grass and other foliage such as trees and plants with fruits and seeds. On the fourth day god creates the ‘lights in the sky of heavens to divide the day from the night', in simple terms this means the sun, moon and the stars. On the fifth day God adds life to the earth, 'let the waters bring forth in great numbers moving creatures that have life, and let the birds fly above the
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