Genesis : The Testament Of The Bible

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Genesis as the first book in the Old Testament, it can be considered the beginning phrase of the whole Bible. According to the Lord and traditional thought; Moses should be the author who wrote the Genesis. In the Mark 10:3; Luke 24:27; John 1:17, the gospel was wrote: The Law was given by Moses. It is an important evidence can prove that Moses is the author. However, what else should be noticed is that Moses is not the only author of the Genesis. According to the Holy Bible, which said it is been wrote by several generations. Form this evidence, the author of Genesis should not only include Moses, but also can handed by the Adam’s family. It can be suspected handed by generation to generation. That is the reason that why this book is considered have the multiple authorship. There are another theory of who is the author of the Genesis. A lot of articles present that there were four different authors to the bible book Genesis. Those are J, E, D, P. The J is standing for Jahwist. The E is standing for Elohist. The P means the Priestly, and D as Deuterist. These four different authors also have the different style of writing. So what is the Moses job in the Genesis? In some research articles people can found out that Moses is just the editor of the Genesis. Moses probably did not wrote the whole Pentateuch. Moses was used a lot of resources and according to the Israel’s history to update-edit the Genesis.This theory is come from the 10 eyewitness accounts. It may be
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