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Genesis: The formation and rise of the Gangster Disciple Nation The history of the Gangster Disciples is one of many faces… in order to understand the whole story; one must understand that it is in reality the telling of three different stories, all of which took place at the same time. The story of David Barksdale and Mac Aurther's "David's and Devil's Disciples", The story of Larry Hoover and Andrew Howard's "Supreme Gangster Nation", and the story of Jerome Freeman and Harold Walker's "Black King Cobras". These are the Fathers of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation… David and Devils Disciples: Also known simply as the Devil Disciples… D.D.D. was formed on the south side of Chicago in a hood known…show more content…
Martin Luther King and became a part of what was then known as the "Chicago Project": whose basic goals were to improve the life of inner-city youth, such as the gang members. The Black King Cobras: The Black King Cobras were also formed in the Englewood area of Chicago. They formed in August of 1960, and were lead by Jerome Prince "Shorty" Freeman and Harold "Money" Walker their history is very similar to that of David's and Devil's Disciples, because they were such a close group from the start. Being formed for much of the same reason and having such a similar history to that of the Disciples I will only touch on a few important parts of their history. First: they were the first gang in Chicago (Quite possibly the whole USA too) to ever using gang signs. The sign was the formation of 2 hands in the shape of a Cobras head. Second: in 1962 a young man named Larry Hoover had sex with Jerome's then girlfriend. This would be the start of a resentment that would last for three decades. Third: Jerome was always really big on Black Rights and Political activism. He began to teach both Harold and Durkey about the Black Nationalism Movement, after a while this moved to include many others, among them where David, Mac, Shell, and Howard just to name a few. The Supreme Gangster Nation: The Supreme Gangster Nation was a gang on the north side of

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