Genetic Advantages And Disadvantages

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High costs causing a social divide and removing genes are likely to have greater significance than mental strain, risk of cancer and decreased fertility. This is because both have an impact on society and evolution. They will impact evolution because future generations will no longer inherit genetic conditions and can only develop them through mutation, making the population stronger, healthier and free of conditions. This impacts society as the rich will be the ones without conditions and the poor who can’t afford PGD will still have them. The rich will pass on their good genes and the poor will pass on their bad genes through many generations causing society to be impacted across the world and into the future causing social divides. Implications such as higher risks of cancer and mental strain are not as significant because they only impact the people directly involved in the process. The mental strain the people experience is only temporary and does not impact the whole world or offspring from the process, only the people involved at that moment. The higher risk of cancer, decreased fertility and Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome also only affect people directly involved in the process and if offspring are produced they will not be affected because they are unable to inherit the implications because they don’t occur in the gametes or they occur later in life. Benefits and Disadvantages of PGD One of the benefits of PGD is that it’s available for many different conditions
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