Genetic And Environmental Factors That Shape A Child 's Development Essay

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Human Development Theorists have studied people looking for answers to explain, how, why, what we are. “Briefly, the study of human development is how and why people change over time” (Berger, 1994, p. 4). Developmental scientists study development in six domains of human development: physical; cognitive; social; language; emotional and spiritual development. Are these aspects affected by nature or nurture or both? ”Developmentalists consider everything from genetic codes that lay down the foundations of growth to the countless environmental factors that shape development across the life span” (Berger, 1994, p. 6). Both genetic and environmental factors can shape a child’s development. Early childhood teachers cannot change genes of a child, but they can endeavour to foster learning and development. The first five years of development come on apace and are faster than at any other time. So early childhood teachers need to understand developmental norms and what will affect children. Then children can be given opportunities to experience all their skills to develop comprehensively and pay attention to the things that impact on them. Piaget (Berger, 1994) is a well know cognitive theorist whose concept of cognitive development placed great importance on early childhood education. Piaget’s theory has four specific stages. He deemed that children learn by actively involving themselves in their domain. Piaget is also linked to the Constructivist Theory:children construct
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