Genetic Argumentative Essay

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Intelligence, something that has been debated over for years. Many people seem to believe that intelligence relies only on genetics and if two people with very high IQs were to have a child, that child would immediately be put up to high expectations to succeed. this, however, is false. Today I'm here to debunk any myths about intelligence and its origin and who knows, maybe you'll learn a thing or two. when it comes to intelligence, genetics, and environment both play very important roles, using the example I used earlier, imagine two people with high IQs had an offspring, that offspring would be put up to such high expectations that he/she could develop mental disorders or as studies show have a higher risk of drug addiction. The stress the child may have at a young age could have a huge impact on his/her health and that could risk to many other things and could have a reverse affect on them and instead make their grades drop. Another possibility could be if two parents with low IQs had a child and this child would, of course, be expected to fail but might have the support of his…show more content…
The answer is yes, genetics do play a large role in intelligence also but it is a polygenic trait, meaning it's not just from one gene. If your mother has a very high IQ and your father doesn't or vice versa, it doesn't mean your IQ will be evened out. you could be very intelligent like one parent and your sibling could be less intelligent but better at athletics like another parent. However, this is not always true with twins. A study showed that twins are more likely to have the same IQ levels because not only are they raised in the same environment, they most likely will have the same genes. This possibility is raised even higher with monozygotic twins or identical twins that were raised separately. Psychologists believe this is because we rely on or reinforce our genes as we
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