Genetic Background Of 189 Ssd Lines

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In GWBP, the association mapping was conducted on the different genetic background of 189 SSD lines derived from a natural crossing between 11 parents (Côte d 'Or/1 is one of them). The linkage disequilibrium and population structure of GWBP were described in detail by Sallam and Martsch (2015). Because Sallam and Martsch (2015) and Sallam et al. (2015a) confirmed that GWBP has low structure, we assume that GLM model fits with the analysis of association mapping. However, we presented marker-trait association using MLM+K for AUPSC, LTAF, and LTCF. The results of association analysis revealed that 12 different significant markers were found to be associated with AUSPC, LTAF, LCAF (Table 3). It was difficult to determine the contribution of each parent of the GWBP (unlike BPP) because this population was derived from a natural crossing of 11 parents. However, the number of alleles (for the 12 significant markers, Table 3) associated with decreased frost stress symptoms in each founder line is presented in Figure S3A. This number ranged from four alleles inherited from Banner/1 to ten alleles from L979/1. This indicates that L979/1 is the main source of frost tolerance found in GWBP. Of 12 alleles, Côte d 'Or/1 had eight alleles that were responsible for decreasing the effect of frost stress. Conversely, for each allele associated with a decrease in frost stress symptoms, the number of founder lines carrying that allele was determined (Figure S3B). This was done in order to…
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