Genetic Discrimination Essay

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Genetic Discrimination

The fear of genetic discrimination is a phobia gripping many people around the world. People find themselves asking, could my genetic information raise my health bills? Could this cause me to be rejected from a job opportunity? These anxieties are causing people to lash out at genetic research, and ultimately the human genome project. People do not want our understanding of human genomics to advance. This is because the risks of the development of the technology could inflict on them. A major risk is genetic discrimination. I believe that genetic discrimination is wrong and governments should continue to prevent it because it is an invasion of privacy, it violates equity, and it could really hurt people with genetic
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I fully support these laws because I am against genetic discrimination. Many risks could be poised if genetic discrimination was legal. First of all, it is invasion of privacy. Your genetic information is YOUR genetic information. It is not anyone else’s business and you should not be required to make it public. If genetic information was a requirement when applying for a job or health insurance, people could make biased opinions and that almost immediately ends your chance of getting what you applied for. Therefore, people with genetic disabilities would have a hard time facing the discrimination. These people would be lucky to get a job and their health bills would go through the roof. I think that having a disability does not mean you are not able to be a reliable worker, and it also doesn’t necessarily mean your health will be significantly impacted. Besides, it is wrong to discriminate against people just because of who they are! In addition, genetic discrimination does not promote equal opportunities. For example, in Hong Kong three men were denied the opportunity in being in the disciplined forces (law enforcement) because a parent had schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental

disorder that hurts a person’s ability to process their thoughts, and overall makes them prone to emotional responses.
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