Genetic Disorders : A Genetic Disorder

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A genetic disorder is an illness that is caused by one or multiple abnormalities in the genome. Genetic disorders are not unusual, however when a genetic disorder occurs it usually happens in one and every thousand or million persons. Sometimes genetic disorders can or cannot be heritable, meaning passed down from the parents to their offspring. Often times the parents are unaware that they can carry over a genetic disorder to their offspring. When genetic disorders that does not occur from the parent, it can mean that the cause for the genetic disorder is caused by a new mutation or changes in the DNA. Most cellular structures consist of proteins that carry out to work and to perform life functions. When a gene is disrupted in a way that the proteins no longer carry out a normal function, a disorder can occur. Cri-du-Chat, also known as cat’s cry, was founded by geneticist Jerome Lejeune in 1963. Cri-du-Chat is a genetic disorder that results in the absence of a missing piece on the short arm of chromosome 5. This genetic disorder is also called 5p- Syndrome, 5p Minus Syndrome or 5p Deletion Syndrome. The reason for “5” is because of the fifth chromosome and the “p” refers to “p” arm or short arm of the chromosome, which is above the centromere. The “-” or the “minus” signifies the deletion that occurs on the chromosomes. Since, Cri-du-chat is caused by a deletion in length on the short arm of chromosome 5, there are many genes that are absence as a result of this

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