Genetic Disorders: Angelman Syndrome

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It is caused by a change in the sequencing of the nucleotides that make up a specific gene. The genetic disorder can be inherited by offspring, but it may or may not show in the offspring depending on whether the genetic disorder is a dominate or recessive allele. There are many genetic disorders that humans develop and inherit. Some disorders cause improvements within the human species while others cause severe retardation of the human species. In this paper, the genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome will be discussed.
Angelman Syndrome was first discovered in 1965 by English pediatrician Harry Angelman, he called it “Happy Puppet Syndrome”. He had observed three children that were admitted to his practice that all displayed similar conditions. He was unable to prove that these children were suffering from “Happy Puppet Syndrome” because of the technology he had so he decided not to publish any of his research on this disorder. It was not until he was on vacation and saw a painting of a boy with a puppet, which reminded him of the children that he had treated, that he decided to report his findings to medical journals. Angelman Syndrome was not heavily researched until the 1980’s when reports of this disordered appeared in the United States. In 1987, researchers found that the cause of Angelman Syndrome was from a missing portion of the genetic code on chromosome 15. Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder that…
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