Genetic Disorders Have Plagued People For Ages

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Genetic disorders have plagued people for ages. However, recent research and new discoveries in gene therapy has brought new hope to those unfortunate individuals that are ailed by their own genetics. Gene therapy is a technique of correcting defective gene sequences specifically responsible for the disease. In 1990, the first successful clinical trial of gene therapy was initiated for adenosine deaminase deficiency (GT). Since then, the number of clinical treatments induced worldwide has increased exponentially. Gene therapies have been a part of modern medicine for almost two decades now. Only recently have scientists started to deliver on their immense promise after a string of setbacks raised doubts about the safety of manipulating human DNA. The idea of gene therapy has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that this field of molecular biology has come more into the light with its advancements over time. Experimentation has been an ongoing process with gene therapy. Although, ethical issues of controversy have surrounded this topic since the beginning. But new facts on gene therapy continues to rebuttal most controversy. Most people remain ignorant to the facts about gene therapy unless they are among the millions of people afflicted from a genetic disorder. In a clinical survey data showed that about one in ten people have, or will develop in their lifetime, an inherited genetic abnormality. Another clinical survey showed that approximately over two
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