Genetic Editing Research Paper

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disagree with the idea of genetic editing, we all want the next and even the future generations that will come after us to have a better, safe, and natural environment to live in but genetic editing will not help us achieve any of that, even if it has helped slowing down the process of food spoilage and supplying recipients with their needed organs it is still too risky to agree with this new and world-changing technology. In the year 2005, scientists involved in the genetic modification of corns, has been asked by a German court to publicly state their newly found discoveries - that consuming genetically modified corn can put human health at risk if consumed, this discovery has been tested out in rats, and has horrifyingly revealed that the ingested modified corns showed blood, kidney and liver failures in rats due to the toxic reaction in their body.…show more content…
Practicing cloning is making everything in this world artificial and fake, we should not be interfering with nature, everyone should be aware of their limits and how far they can take these technologies and inventions. By continuing the practice of genetic editing we are putting billions of lives at risk and creating a dangerous and far worse environment for the next generations to live in. I oppose genetic editing, because I want a change and a world in which I can say that it is safe and specifically preserved for the future generations to
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