Genetic Engineering : A New Technology

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Genetic Engineering Genetic engineering is a new technology that is not utilized to its full potential. Often called modern biotechnology, genetic engineering can bring humanity into a better medical and agricultural age. Genetic engineering is an important scientific breakthrough because by altering DNA, scientists can improve food, create organs for transplant, and prevent certain diseases and birth defects.
The field of genetic engineering has developed very quickly due to the greater understanding DNA, the agricultural. “Brewers and bakers also changed grains and flour into preferred products such as beer and bread using small organisms called yeast and the process of fermentation.” (Laney 887) Developing a variety of plants with the ability to grow faster, stronger, and more resistant to foreign invaders is the main goal of plant breeders. With normal plant breeding however, there is little to no guarantee of getting any particular gene or trait from the millions of different plants bred. Unwanted genes can be transferred along with more desirable genes, or while one desirable gene is gained, an undesirable gene can be gained as well because genes of both parent plants are mixed together and re-arranged either randomly in the offspring. These problems keep plant breeders from improving their crop. On the other hand, genetic engineering allows the transfer of one specific gene or just a few of interest, between either similar or almost completely different organisms.
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