Genetic Engineering : An Controversial Issue

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Genetic Engineering One of the most controversial topics is the genetic engineering which has raised much alarm amongst most scholars. According to Daniell (134), the phenomenon is so incompatible with the Mother Nature which at first sounded very unnatural. This type of modification attempts to change what was provided to the human beings by their mother nature which makes the idea to be arrogant. Genetic engineering in actual sense is not a new idea at all. Some examples of genetic engineering include the domestication of plants and animals to serve our interests of mating choices. The society at large has accepted this kind of practice which has a very popular history. In arguing out the aspect, we wonder what really tends to make the…show more content…
Various committees have also gone ahead in warning against the risks that the environment faces to be damaged by only applying the use of genetic engineering idea. Genetic engineering has led to some helpful results in the past such as involving plants like tomato and tobacco in coming up with interferon and insulin from such plants. Irrespective of all these benefits, there exists two conflicting philosophies which are: the aim to maximize the potential of scientific knowledge and fear of the unknown. However, elaboration on this is still not clear. Organizations such as Greenpeace are at the forefront in opposing the practice of genetic engineering which only serves the purpose of altering the natural environment (Hu and Lizhong, 720). However, on the other hand, we have the National Academy of Science which does genetic engineering experiments to pursue both technological and scientific advancement. These two groups recently have been differing in the basis that they are doing this to fulfill the human beings interests to their level best. Their claims are facilitated by having through genetic truth and agendas which are modified to meet their goals and interests. A good example making this idea of genetic engineering to be controversial is when DNA was discovered in 1944. The scientists behind this had no idea of the ramifications that could result from the same. Due to the topic of
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