Genetic Engineering And Its Effect On Human Health

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Introduction Genetically modified crops also known as GMCs, GM crops or biotech crops, are plants, which DNA has been modified using genetic engineering techniques. In most cases the goal is to introduce a new trait to the plant, which does not occur naturally in the species, for examples in crops and food. Since 1960, there are many introducing genetic engineering in crops production as it can bring a lot of benefits e.g. increasing food production, it is also environmental friendly and it gives high quality production. However, there are also many negative issues related to in genetic engineering such as it can harm the environment, and can be detrimental to human health. Using the information collected from different sources such as…show more content…
The methods involve complex manipulations of genetic material and further biologically important chemicals (Ucsusa, N/D). Furthermore, Genetic engineering is only used by scientists to improve or modify the characteristics of individual organism. Genetic engineering can be applied to any organism no matter if it is a virus or a plant (AgBiosafety, 2005) for example, genetic engineering can be used to produce plants that have a higher food value or can tolerate exposure to herbicides. 1.1 History of Genetic modified foods The history of genetic engineering started from 1960s, first genetically modified food appeared on the market, but real commercialisations started between 1994 and 1996 (Arimi, 2011). In 1967, a new variety of genetic modified potato called Lenape potato was bred for its high solids content especially for making potato chips (Elsevier, 200). In the 1990s, the first genetically engineered foods were made available to the public. In 1994, Flavr Savr Tomato has been approved which was the first genetically modified whole food to be approved for public consumption (Lyona, 2000). What is more, in 1999, a strong development of pest and disease resistant seeds has been observed. For the last eleven years, from 2000 to 2011, companies and scientists have been very busy developing new GM products, testing them and submitting for approval to different authorities and agencies. 1.2 The process of genetic engineering in crops
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