Genetic Engineering And The Future Of The Destruction Of Society

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Genetic Engineering; Path to the Future of the Destruction of Society?
Being human, it’s a natural desire to want other things that people have, whether we like it or not. We are always comparing ourselves to other people. We are wanting to be taller, have this hair color, or even want to have better writing skills. When we’re born, you can’t technically choose what you will look like or what traits your parents will pass onto you. Advances in biotechnology have changed the way we see DNA and how we can alter it to the way we want. You can have access to the way you want to look or have the abilities that you desires. The field of genetic engineering has grown in such ways where you can take sequences of DNA that control these certain traits and place them in your sequence, giving you that desired traits. The storyline of any Sci-Fi movie has come to reality. Genetic engineering is the science that gives us the power to alter the very basics of life, and even with the issues and possible negative consequence of the research, this technology is something that we need for our benefit.
What is Genetic Engineering?
Genetic engineering is a very young technology. It is the modification of the traits and characteristics of an organism by changing the DNA of the organism. DNA is seen as a universal language because the code means the same thing in all species of animals. So when a trait is taken from one individual and added to the genome of another individual it has the ability
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